How to survive in Norway?

As far as it is known Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world. In accordance with maps published at The Huffington Post it is so:


Also Numbeo put Norway in the second place (consumer price index — 118.59) after Switzerland (consumer price index — 126.03):

consumer price index

On my example I will try to show that it possible to live in such an expensive country as Norway is.

For me it is a bit easier to survive because I have a status of a student which means that I have some discounts in comparison with other people. For example, I can buy transport-one-month-ticket for approximately 50 EUR. Yep, it is expensive, but it is cheaper twice in comparison with adult ticket for the same period.

Housing for me is the most expansive thing because it eats at least 400 EUR per a month. Fortunately, it includes electricity and water. But here it is reckon cheap because I a student. Otherwise, it would cost me twice more.

I have a scholarship which covers it and even I have a bit after I paid everything but this is not all costs. One of the most important thing is food. I will tell you how to live in Oslo for 2 EUR per a day. Yep, I am sure it is possible. So there is a list of my advice:

1) The cheapest food is food produced by «First Price». The have all first-needed things from domestic things like toilet paper; shampoo; to food like eggs; sausages (1 kg = 3 EUR); hum (2 EUR for 200 g.); cheese (1 kg = almost 7-8 EUR); pizza (for 2 EUR); 16 sandwich baguettes  for 3 EUR; 600 g. of a mix of nuts, raisins and dried fruits; 2 l. of juice costs 1 or less EUR; 1 kg. of spaghetti costs a bit more than 1 EUR; 500 g. of sweet and sour sauce or 1 kg. of ketchup will cost less than 1 EUR.

2) The most cheapest fruits can be bought in Grønland near the same named T-Bane station. For example, 1 kg, of bananas or apples cost approximately less that 1 EUR.

So if you eat in the morning 3 eggs, 2 sausages, cheese with sauce; some fruits at lunch time and 2 sausages with 250 g. of spaghetti sauce  in the dinner it will cost approximately 2-3 EUR per a day.

3) Also there are some weeks of sales. For example, 1,5 l. of good juice can bought for 1 EUR during special days but as a rule it costs 2 EUR. The same was with pizza, which costs 4,5 EUR, but during these days — 2 EUR. Such sales I saw at menu’s supermarket, but I am sure it is possible in others.

4) At Sogn, a student place, there is a supermarket «Rema 1000» where once I bought salad for 2 EUR but in other places it costs 4,5 EUR.

5) In the University of Oslo near Blindern, T-Bane station, there is the cheapest black coffee, cappuccino and latte which costs a bit more than 1 EUR.

6) Also the cheap food is sold at IKEA supermarket. To get IKEA you have to find a special bus station for IKEA bus which will drive you from the city center to IKEA supermarket for 15-20 minutes for free. There you can buy a hot-dog for 0,5 EUR or with a beverage (Coca-Cola or other soda) for more than 1 EUR. Also at IKEA there are the cheapest things for your room.

7) I know there is a bus to Sweden for 0,12 EUR where you can also buy something very cheap but I haven’t tried yet.

8) Museums, as a rule, are not free, but sometimes there are special days where the entrance is free. You have to find out which days a museum’s entrance is free.

9) There is sometimes a special offers. For example, a trip from Oslo to Copenhagen (Denmark) and back by ship costs nothing if you win an internet lottery, but it is not actually difficult.

10) Also there are some internet markets in form of facebook groups or special web-sites. For example, I bought there curtains for 4,5 EUR.

11) Here books are expensive, but in the internet markets and some advertisement you can find cheaper and used such books. For example, I bought 2 books for more than 30 EUR which cost together almost 100 EUR.

12) Sometimes there are some events and here you can eat pizza, hot-dogs and other food free.

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