Perspectives of Genocide of Donbas People: Reality or Fake?

We all know the situation around Donbas region in Ukraine. A lot of civil and military murders from the both sides but these murders are found as a rule on the territories occupied by Russian and some local terrorists which are called Donetsk People’s and Luhansk People’s Republics (hereinafter — DNR and LNR) which was created under the idea of Novorossiya (literally New Russia).

First of all, we can say that after occupation of Crimea there were approximately 50/50 who wanted a federalization of Ukraine and then to announce a separate territory from Ukraine and who didn’t. The first group contains as a rule citizens of Russian Federation and some Ukrainians who would like to live in Russia or at least hate everything connected with Ukrainian culture (Ukrainian language, traditions and so on) but the second one loves Ukraine or at least respects Ukraine and its territory integrity even being Russian-speaking citizens. So we can see that there are 2 groups of people in the Donbas region whose ideas contradict each other.

Before Euromaidan these people could somehow live with each other and the first group even prevailed, but then after occupation of the Crimea and understanding of some possible bad consequences many people had changed their minds but it didn’t change the situation significantly. Now we can see that there are two groups: the first one who are Ukrainians and loves Ukraine or at least wants to live in Ukraine and the second one who hates Ukraine and its culture and wants to create own state or maybe to join the Russian Federation.

On this example I would like to analyze a possibility of genocide of the first group who are patriots of Ukraine and who hasn’t left houses and believe in the victory of Ukraine.

We know that genocides are performed as a rule in non-democratic states. In 1995 M. Hassan Kakar published a book «Afghanistan: The Soviet Invasion and the Afghan Response, 1979-1982» where he wrote: «A totalitarian society, with its assumed superior ideology, is also a precondition for genocidal acts». We can see that the DNR and LNR have peculiarities of non-democratic state because there is no division of power, there is only one political union who supports the idea of Novorossiya and rules the republics, there are repressions against pro-Ukrainians side of society, there are some public tortures and no guaranties for human rights and the military laws are applied.

To prove that there can be the genocide I would like to use Gregory Stanton’s paper called «The 8 Stages of Genocide» published in 1996 and to compare with the situation in the Donbas. So these 8 stages are following.

1. Classification (People are divided into «us and them») — in the DNR and LNR we can see the same chants that «Ukrainian authority has been grabbed by «banderovcy» and fascists» and «we are antifascists and protects locals from the illegal Ukrainian authority».

2. Symbolization («When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups…») — at the beginning the DNR and LNR used Russian, Soviet, DNR’s, LNR’s and Novorossiya flags. Also they hate, burn and destroy Ukrainian symbols (flags, coat of arms and so on)

3. Dehumanization («One group denies the humanity the humanity of the other. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases.») — we can see a lot of videos where Ukrainian combatants are tortured and some pro-Ukrainian activists are found dead in the basements of liberated territories.

4. Organization («Genocide is always organized… Special army units or militias are often trained and armed…»). The DNR and LNR are terrorist organizations and they have so-called militia, the parliament, the government and other institutions and also there is a lot of enough proof of the staying of the Russian forces.

5. Polarization («Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda…») — the terrorists are using Russian TV, radio, international social networks. In the last ones they have many groups where they propagandize their polarizing ideas.

6. Preparation («Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity») — this point is not conducted fully but there have been some victims who protected Ukraine but it is not so spread.

7. Extermination («It is «extermination» to the killers because they don’t believe their victims to fully human») — it is not realized but there is a thin line between the 6th and 7th stages.

8. Denial («The perpetrators… deny that they committed any crimes») — I don’t think that this stage is important because the 7th stage is already a proof of the genocide.

Therefore I can say there is no genocide in the Donbas region but at the same time the majority of the stages of the preparation of the genocide are realized, which once again proves the necessity to stop the terrorist organizations such as DNR and LNR because further activity of these terrorist organizations can lead to the genocide.

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