System analysis for Canada through form, function and entities of the system and their form and function

Canada is a country, one of the most well-being countries in the world[1], in Top-5 of the happiest countries in the world[2] which is shaped as unique formation due to which it takes such a high place in the world rates. But can we say that this formation is a system? Or in other words is Canada a system? This is the question which should be answered through the prism of its form, function and entities of the system since the latter elements are required elements of a system.

Canada has a form. As a country it is a state and territorial organization which shapes up the form through layers beginning from political and economic ones and ending with individual level of the form. For example, politically Canada is «a constitutional monarchy»[3] and it superimposes on and contributes to the form.

Canada has a function. From the information above, Canada is one of the most successful countries in the world and that is why its function is to maintain and advance this level through other subfunctions. These maintenance and advancement are processes and the operand is organization and order of life or in other words its existence.

Canada has entities of the system and their form and function. One of these entities is already mentioned (1) political layer, consisting of state and municipal bodies, political parties and other relevant political institutions (forms) contributing to maintenance (process) of political system (operand). Another entity is (2) economic layer expressed through development (process) of economic wellbeing (operand). For example, it includes advancement of knowledge, information and digital economy which was actively noticed at forum Canada 3.0[4] and provided in National Digital Economy Strategy[5]. This also includes (3) social layer consisting different organizations, group of people, labour unions or even individuals (forms) which maintain (process) organization of life (operand).

Consequently, Canada is a system expressed through such a form as a country conducting a function to maintain and advance its existence, consisting of political, economic and social layers which have their own forms and functions.


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